DanceForms and Life Forms Premiere Animators

These are only some of our "best of the best" friends and animators. Everyone on this list deserves a nod for their long-standing relationship with Credo and their dedication to our animation software. Thanks!


Felice Lesser, Felice Lesser Dance Theater

In her quest to find a way to create the equivalent of Broadway shows on
non-profit dance company budgets, choreographer Felice Lesser began
working with LifeForms in the early 1990’s, using the software to create
abstract “moving sets,” as well as additional characters for her multi-media
dance works. The most recent, her spy-spoof, FUNDING THE ARTS
(premiered at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in NY in 2010), used a virtual
company of LifeForms dancers, alongside a cast of 11 live (and 4 filmed)
performers. The Recipient of the 1988 Lawrence S. Epstein Prize for
Choreography, and two Accolade Awards (for I AM A DANCER), Lesser is a
graduate of Barnard College, and has a Master’s Degree from Columbia
University. In addition to her work as a choreographer, she is an Adjunct
Professor of Dance at UCONN/Stamford Campus, and an Artist-in-Residence
for the States of Nevada and Idaho. website:

Tomas Egger

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Georgette Weisz Amowitz

Georgette WEISZ AMOWITZ-GORCHOFF graduated from the University of Wisconsin and studied professional dance at Juilliard. She taught dance and Labanotation privately, at colleges in Virginia, and at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has reconstructed major works, and notated her own choreography.

Formerly a dance reviewer for the Roanoke Times, she has received a grant of
license from MetaCard Inc., to develop cross-platform software to further the cause of
movement literacy. Most recently she authored "SpacePlaceGuide" software and co-authored "The Artificial Suite CD"

Tomas Egger

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Tomas Egger, AD Studios Brazil

Tomas Egger is truly a Life Forms Premiere Animator. His visual effects career began at the early age of 15 in stop-motion and makeup effects. Now Tomas is arguably the most creative ElectricImage animator ever, his work as VFX director at AD Studios in Brazil won several MTV Awards: One art direction MTV award in 2001 for "Getdown," and 2 MTV awards in 2002 for art direction and film direction with "Rappa_hi" (see gallery page).

Tomas' portfolio speaks for itself: 3D modeling and animation for music videos and film; advertising design for Coke and Reebok. He is also a long-time Life Forms supporter, having used the software in most of his 3D productions requiring character animation. Thanks Tomas, your work is an inspiring example of 3D choreography using Life Forms software! - See the interview - Image courtesy of Tomas Egger. All rights reserved.

Janet Randell

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Janet Randell, Author/Choreographer/Dance Animator

Through the production of my independent dance animations I have found a unique way of integrating dance as performance art with my own choreographic styles explored through 3D animation and motion technology. I have discovered a whole new art form, which can transcend the range of stage performance, and elevate it to express the emotional side of dance as well its fantastic and innovative possibilities.

- Janet Randell

Merce Cunningham

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Merce Cunningham, The Cunningham Foundation

Merce Cunningham has been extending the frontiers of choreography for more than half a century, most recently with his use of the computer program Life Forms. Each work he has choreographed since 1991 makes use of this program, and each is quite different from the others. Recently, Merce purchased a Macintosh Notebook for working with Life Forms while traveling. He has since discovered that he can also use his notebook for word processing! - Photo courtesy of The Cunningham Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Alonzo von Threet

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Alonzo Von Threet, AVT Productions

Alonzo's work with Life Forms and Electric Image is truly a cut above.

Image courtesy of AVT Productions. All rights reserved.

Rhonda Ryman's Dance Moves

Find out more about Rhonda's Ballet Moves 2 dance content for Life Forms / DanceForms

Rhonda Ryman, University of Waterloo

In her quest to expand her acumen in dance and dance teaching, Rhonda focused on the physiology and anatomy of the human body, and went on to earn a Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Professional studies in dance notation complemented her skills in analyzing ballet technique and choreography.

Her focus on the biomechanics of dance lead to the creation of the Ballet Moves series for use with Credo Interactive's Life Forms and later DanceForms software. Rhonda's experience in dance technique is reflected in the creation of every pose in the library, and the linking of the poses.

"The Ballet Moves series breaks down the components needed to analyze dance, and to help stimulate the creative process", says Rhonda. She uses Life Forms to help make ideas concrete, and to document existing choreography.


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Marlyse Compte, mancoStudios

Marlyse Compte has used Life Forms Studio software for years, integrating Life Forms character animations with Electric Image, Lightwave, Animation Master and Cinema4D. Her focus is on: Architectural and interior design visualization; product and packaging visualization; technical and cutaway illustrations; logo and technical animation; game and fantasy environments; postproduction, web design and production. - Image courtesy of mancoStudios. All rights reserved.

Liquid Studios

Matthew Robson, Liquid Studios

A Leeds based new media animation and design company, Liquid Studios supplies drawn and digital animation to the areas of broadcast, the internet & corporate video. It’s founder, Matthew Robson, has been involved within the new media and broadcast industries since 1996. Liquid has gone on to produce work for Channel 4, ASDA and the BBC.

Robson heralds LifeForms software: "We've been developing new animations with Lifeforms for a little while and find them to be one of the big players who actually take the time to respond to their users. If you are interested in character animation, they are well worth a look." - Image courtesy of Liquid Studios. All rights reserved.

Jimmy Gamonet

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Jimmy Gamonet de los Heros, choreographer

In 14 years as Resident Choreographer and Ballet Master of Miami City Ballet, Jimmy Gamonet de los Heros created a signature style for that company, beginning with its opening performances in 1986...Mr. Gamonet's work in ballet's neoclassical style – both abstract and narrative – has been noted and rewarded at a national and international level.

Jimmy has worked with Credo from early on, contributing to beta testing and quickly learning to animate like a master. Several of his suggestions have gone towards improving DanceForms software and animation content. - Image courtesy of Jimmy Gamonet. All rights reserved.

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