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PowerMoves 1 & 2, is the ultimate 3D Animation library which contains over 750 biped animation motion capture sequences including over 150 motion capture files.and over 40 motion capture sequences.

The single and multi-figure 3D animation sequence includes; Office moves, sports, dance, walking, running, pedestrian motions, and more!

Using the large set of import and export plugins available in the Life Forms and DanceForms software, the animations may be used to work with jointed polygonal models or, bones and skinning techniques that you may have in your 3D tool suite.
The keyframed sequences can also be easily modified to get the exact look and feel the user is seeking.

The wide selection of animations are ready to be used, to modify, and to map to your 3D models. This will save you time, enhance your productivity and ignite your creative ideas!

PowerMoves 1 & 2 is included in your purchase of Life Forms 5.0.

It can also be purchased as a separate product and combined with the use of DanceForms 2.0


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